Nikon Transfer vs other download / transfer programs & why?

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Re: Nikon Transfer vs other download / transfer programs & why?

I've used LR, Bridge, also tried out Nikon Transfer and a few other programs. I'd recommend trying out the various software and seeing what you light the most. You might end up just using one program like Lightroom or Aperature, or maybe a few programs such as Photo Mechanic for downloading, NX2 for RAW conversion, Photoshop for extra retouching, and iView Media for cataloging

When I'm in the field I copy the images to a JOBO portable drive, that way I have two copies of the image. When I tried to use Nikon Transfer, it could not see the JOBO drive, but had no problem with Lightroom.

Besides the above problem with Nikon Transfer, my other concern is how will it deal with other non Nikon RAW files, if you change camera make, or have images from somebody else to work with, will your workflow be able to cope?

You say you are building a workflow, I'd recommend reading the DAM book, it has excellent advice on building a workflow.

I like using Lightroom as I use it for the bulk of my work, although I've been experimenting with NX2 and like the results, just a pity it is soooo slow.

On importing in LR the files are converted to DNG (with the RAW file embeded if needed later for NX2) and the file renamed to JAHERN_YYYYMMDD_XXXX and put in a folder based on date ie YYYYMMDD, I will later add a descriptive name after the date later in Lightroom.

I'll also add some metadata, and also Lightroom will apply some custom profiles that I've created for the D3 and D700 using the XRite Passport Checker Software.

I like the DNG format as it holds all the metadata and develop settings from Lightroom, so no need to worry about moving both the file and sidecar file if needed.

Lightroom works for me, and being from Adobe there is plenty of resources available for learning, and you know is updated for both new cameras and operating system quite quickly. When Mac updated to Snow Leopard, NX2 was not updated for quite a while.


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