ebay bid retraction - serial offender

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Re: Would you be surprised if Ebay did it?

I see in another response 5 days ago you wrote:

"Even now the other bidder is continuing to make about 10 bid retractions a day on photography related auctions. "

What do you think now? Benefit of the doubt?

Richard Murdey wrote:

Undah wrote:

Would you be surprised if Ebay condones this or actually an employee was the culprit?

Maximizing the transaction price means higher percentage gets paid to both ebay, and paypal.

Some of the tinfoil hatters have suggested as much, but I doubt it. It's ebay policy to give the benefit of the doubt in these instances ... and let the statistics play out. i.e. eventually these bidders will get banned, but the trip threshold is placed far higher than most of us would like.

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