50D, CF extreem 60 mb/s vs ultra II(15 mb/s)

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Re: Comparison using 7D

I think the key finding here, and the one important to me, is that it confirms there is no difference in speed until you fill the buffer. RAW+JPEG is a worst-case, with the lowest buffer available. If you shoot R+J, and more then 8 shots in a burst, then the extra speed is valuable.

But I suspect most folks shoot either only RAW or only JPEG, and rarely fill the buffer. For folks in that situation, any competent card will be fine for shooting.

I shoot mostly landscapes, although there is a fair bit of my kids' sports, and I can't recall filling my 40D buffer more than once or twice (heck, I barely remember filling my 10D buffer).

YMMV, based on shooting style.

And keep in mind - download speeds will certainly be faster with a speedy card, regardless of your camera or shooting style. But again, it doesn't matter much to me as I can start reviewing/editing the first images as they appear in LR while the rest load in the background.

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