Pentax vs Sigma lens question

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Re: Pentax vs Sigma lens question

Thanks for the complement. I don't see anything wrong with this photo either. I'm saying with a regular lens that's not fast, most of my dog pics were noisy or blurry, but with the Tamron f/2.8, the pics were good to very good, but I wanted a newer camera with more mp and another fast lens, but longer zoom for further distances. The canon only had 8 mp, but my current camera has 10 mp and I want to be able to crop.

The photo I've attached here was taken with my pentax and the kit lens. If I had had a longer zoom and fast lens attached, I think the photo would have been much clearer. This pic was taken in auto mode.

I want to be able to buy a little bit longer lens and still catch the action. From what I've been reading on this website, I've about made up my mind to sell my camera and get the Kx and the 50-135 lens and then start shooting and learning. I've had cameras {basic fun hobby that I spent more money on than most hobbists} and have enjoyed it alot for the last 25 yrs. I just haven't gotten serious enough about learning more about how a camera really works.

I also would like the video in the Kx to record my dogs. I don't have a camcorder and don't feel like it would be worth it to invest in a camcorder since I like taking pics better.

You all have really helped me in my decisions of what to do. Of course, I'm always reading and researching alot before I make my final decisions.

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