Lens Purchase - Opinions Wanted

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Lens Purchase - Opinions Wanted

I plan to add to my lens collection for my E520 in the next month or so which currently consists of the 14-42 kit plus some older Minolta/Vivitar/Kiron lenses that I use with an adapter. I'm looking to shoot the following:

1. Macro - Mainly flowers, rocks & minerals, surface defects defects in steel rails (I know, real exciting subject but I need it for work), and other assorted inanimate objects. I'm not really into insects so my subjects won't move or be disturbed by my presence.

2. Birds - Starting out with those that come to the numerous feeders scattered around our yard but eventually I'm guessing that I'll venture out in the field to shoot them in the wild as well.

3. Street Scenes - Both candid (mainly people) and planned (mainly architecture and other civil engineering works).

4. Portraits - Mostly candid, family & friends but some posed ... lots of baby shots (6-month old grandson and a new granddaughter in 2 months). I guess I can include pets in this category (a dog and numerous cats).

My budget is $300 US (I know, I feel like a Yugo driver pulling into a Mercedes dealership when I look at some of the lens equipment used in this forum, but it is what it is.)

I'm happy with how the 14-42 is covering #3 & #4 so my main focus is on #1 & #2. (Feel free to look at my gallery to see what I've been shooting lately.)

As I see it my two options are: [A] 35mm Macro + 40-150mm kit lens or [B] 70-300mm to cover both telephoto and Macro shots. I've priced both at options B&H and they both come in at a little over $300.


Thanks, Conrad

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