Banned Posters? (Part II)

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Banned Posters? (Part II)

The previous thread was closed, but I wanted to clarify something.

Anyone who wants to continue the discussion is free to post here, I don't care if it is "on topic" because there was no clear topic.

The thing that I was discussing was the stripped features that some people really don't like being excluded from the new cameras. My perspective is that there are a ton of features in a camera, and Sony has many that other cameras lack, so these are just minor deficiencies.

MLU- I can see why some people care about it, but I don't personally ever use MLU. My feeling on MLU is that it completely depends on the individual's needs whether they need it or not, and it drives me nuts when someone points to this feature alone as the reason the cameras are bad. I'm willing to see your side and think that MLU is important to you if you see my side and realize it isn't important to everyone.

DOF Preview- This is the feature that I consider most obsolete. In about the same time as you can click on DOF Preview and have an inconsistent "guess" as to the DOF, you can take a picture and chimp it to see whether everything is in focus. I never gain much from the DOF Preview, as it is difficult to see perfectly in the viewfinder and when I really need to know the DOF, such as shallow aperture pictures, it isn't accurate.

Crippled A mode- This would concern me, but I seriously doubt that it affects even 10% of Sony users. My guess would be closer to 1%. There is a simple workaround (M mode), and my feeling is that the select minority who have advanced enough gear to need this feature should already be proficient in manual exposure. I can see that it is inconvenient, but again, not a reason for the general DSLR buying public to avoid the camera.

I would be interested in seeing a rebuttal-- there are several people who continually criticize Sony for omitting these features, and I am not arguing that the features don't have a purpose-- my argument is that it affects a very small minority of users. That is what I would like to hear a counterargument to.
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