Does Mac need Norton?

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Re: Does Mac need Norton?

graybalanced wrote:

Andy Hewitt wrote:

My AP base station is behind a router. I don't know if they're different in different countries, but in the UK AP doesn't have a modem built in.

That's a good point to clarify. I let my AirPort Base Station be a router because my modem is only a modem, so I have the Base Station perform routing functions. Therefore the Base Station is the front line facing the Internet. It sounds like you have a third layer: modem > router > base station. I'm not sure why you're doing that since you could let the base station be the router behind the modem.

Because it's a modem/router in one box, and it was easier to set it up to be the router, and just use AP as a bridge.

Just curious...was it behind a firewalled router?

Yes, I connected it to my own home network.

OK. I asked because earlier it was said that a person behind a firewalled router was a little safer from malware. Not in this case, apparently. But maybe that statement was with regard to Macs.

A firewall doesn't stop you downloading anything, after all, a virus is just a file. It should stop any trojans etc., but a malicious virus can still be downloaded and damage your system.

I've no idea how this one got in, I only did the genuine MS Windows updates, so I guess there's a security breach somewhere there - of course it wouldn't have been fully protected until Windows had been updated.

Mac or PC, even if the machine is fully stealthed and firewalled, no hardware or software guards very well against a good social engineering attack, phishing disguised so well you are tricked into entering your password. That's what we all have to watch out for, regardless of platform.

Indeed, I found that being vigilant helps. If it looks dodgy, hit the delete button.

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