prime lens- can you recommend one (or a few) for me?

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Re: prime lens- can you recommend one (or a few) for me?

dinneenp wrote:

If I'm not bothered by the very fine detail I'd presume that the F1.4 would be better as it's be better in low light- correct?

I wouldn't say that, no. Given the extremely shallow DOF at f/1.4, you wouldn't normally using that aperture much - primarily when you specifically want the somewhat shallower DOF. But f/1.7 is already extremely shallow. Really, for typical low light work, there's seldom a reason to go below f/2, and in fact I do almost all my low light shooting at f/2.8.

Unless I could get the SMC Pentax FA 50/1.7 or FA 1.4 for cheaper than $320ish

Given that you can get the FA50/1.4 new for abut that, it shouldn't be too hard to find a used one for less. Also, be sure to keep your eye out for the F50/17 (as opposed to FA) which is another option.

BTW, regarding the 50/2's - I wouldn't say they are terrible . They are an improvement over the kit lens at 50mm both in speed and sharpness. But the copy I had was not even close to a match for the 50/1.7 - it was really quite a lot worse up until about f/4.

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