Does Mac need Norton?

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Re: Does Mac need Norton?

Andy Hewitt wrote:

Do you need security? Almost certainly. If you're behind a router with a built in Firewall, you'll probably be OK, that'll block all incoming connections by default - beware of any ports that may have been opened for gaming and such like. Little Snitch can be handy too, it blocks outgoing connections that you haven't approved.

While I love the Apple AirPort Base Station, it is the one router I've bought in the last 10 years that does not provide the ability to drop WAN pings. This can encourage a port scan by an attacker.

I like Little Snitch but novices should understand that some education is needed to understand which alerts need to be accepted and which rejected, and it can take a little while to tune the rules.

Unlike a Windows XP machine I cleaned off and reinstalled a few weeks ago. That had got a virus before I'd finished installing the updates, and the AV software.

Just curious...was it behind a firewalled router?

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