Those who shoot to the Right & Raw. -4 Contrast or 0 Contrast in Neutral Pic style?

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Re: White Balance trick, histogram, picture styles

Anonimo wrote:
Hi Victor!

Victor Engel wrote:

But this makes you see clipping where the RAW data is not clipped.

... only if the levels are adjusted differently by contrast setting.

In principle you are right. A tonal curve just maps a range of values in the RAW-space to another range of values in the RGB-space (0 to 255 if we are using 8 bits). So, if there is no clipping in the RAW-space then the tonal curve alone shouldn't cause any clipping in the RGB-space. But...

... the tonal curve has a "saturation point". All RAW values beyond this point are maped to "255" and shown as clipping in the RGB histogram. High contrast lowers this point, making more RAW values be mapped to "255" and be shown as clipping.

Playing with contrast in DPP's RAW-tab you can get the highest 1 stop of the RAW-range to clip in RGB. Messing up with contrast and highlights sliders can make up to 3 stops to clip.

Regards, Anonimo

That's exactly the kind of thing that needs to be tested in camera. Earlier in this thread, people have been saying that all that happens is a curves adjustment when you tweak contrast, but my feeling is consistent with what you've just said, namely that the endpoints are adjusted as well. That is why it makes sense to use low contrast in order to approximate the raw histogram.

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