Should Sony market a 12mp full frame camera?

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RESULTS: Should Sony market a 12mp full frame camera?

Robsphoto wrote:

So, I’m interested to know whether you think Sony should market a 12 megapixel full frame camera, in direct competition with the 12.1 mp full frame Nikon D3S?

Thanks very much to those who gave their opinions on whether Sony should market a 12 megapixel full frame camera. Although by no means “scientific”, I will try to provide a brief summary of the opinions that have been given.

About two-thirds of the responses were in favour of Sony marketing a full frame DSLR in the range of 12 megapixels to 18 megapixels. Several people thought that 12 megapixels is a bit low for a full frame camera, and that a camera with about 16 or 18 megapixels would probably hit the “sweetspot”, and provide very good high resolution images and also very good low light performance.

About one-third of the responses supported the view that 24.6 megapixels is satisfactory. One person suggested that Sony could keep 24.6 megapixels, but design the camera so that it provides better low light performance.

Perhaps the answer to this problem is to provide a choice of full frame cameras, so that the purchaser can choose between, say, 12 megapixels, 18 megapixels, or 24 megapixels (or higher).

(Comparison of the 24.6mp Sony A900 with the 12.1mp Nikon D3S)

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