Steve McCurry and "Afghan Girl"...

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Re: More repetition

Shaun_Nyc wrote:

Dan Nikon wrote:

Nice try in doing something only an insecure person would do. I am not knocking digital, I can assure you I have more experience with it than you and always will because I always use it in some way or another. Lets have a shoot-off when I come out to NYC in June, in digital so you can see I have no problem with either medium in terms of working the sh_t out of it..

Dan I think you mentioned in some other post you were coming for new years to shoot up times square ? Was that you and if so how did it go ? What are you shooting in NYC in June ? What are you going to work the sh_t out of ? A shoot off ? Wats that ?!

The voice of excessive testosterone speaking.   BTW, I saw your Times Square 'honey' several hours ago and as usual, very nice. Speaking of a shoot-out, what do you think of pairing up with Dez for this year's Mermaid Parade? I wouldn't see it as a competition, but as a chance to see the same subjects with a different perspective, as well as a couple of shots that include the working photographers in the frame.

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