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Re: t2i - Bright Pictures - Soft Focus

All the shots you posted in this thread look much the same. There was clearly never anything wrong with your old camera, but if it makes you feel good that you exchanged it, good for you. All your troubles stem from the learning curve.

Thank you for your pleasant reply. The problem is not with people giving good advice; I appreciate that. The problem is that some people are not listening.

This (current) camera is giving me pictures that are mostly sharp and in focus. The first camera was not. There is a clear difference in between the two machines. You can believe that or not believe that; I care not.

If you can't tell that the most recent pictures I posted are much sharper than the original portraits I posted then perhaps you should consider spectacles. Additionally, the portraits I posted originally were not that bad compared to the hundreds of blurry photos I discarded.

This camera produces clear shots almost every time, as it should. It does, after all, have an "auto-focus" system (key word here is "auto"). The first camera produced clear shots about 1% of the time. Almost every shot was a throw-away.

Why is it so hard for you to believe that that lens could have needed re-calibrating? I've known a lot of people who had to get lenses re-calibrated. Read through other threads and you'll see I'm definitely not alone in this.

I didn't mean to be rude (if I was). I appreciated all the good advice I got in this thread. I tried it all. And guess what? None of it worked. Why? Because there was a problem with the camera or the lens. If you choose to think that the problem is all in my methodology, so be it. But if that's what you think - you're wrong.

I'm now using the advice I got in this thread with my new camera and guess what? It's working. And guess what else? I really, honestly do appreciate the advice. I've learned a lot from this forum and I give my sincere thanks to those who have helped me thus far.

And I'm also not going to say my technique doesn't need improving. It does. I'm no expert. But I'm smarter than the average high school photography student who doesn't understand how aperture, shutter speed and ISO interact. I've been a semi-serious hobbyist with my G-series cameras for years. When I upgraded to an SLR, I expected it to be that - an upgrade. And my first t2i was not an upgrade. Plain and simple. I'm picky when it comes to my photos. Not as picky as some of you, of course, but I want them to be sharp and clear. And an $800 camera should produce sharp, clear photos most of the time. The one I have now does so. And I am happy.

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