Lightroom RAW conversion is sooo bad.

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Re: Aperture May be Your Answer

DiploStrat wrote:

goldaccess wrote:

Hate the Modules. Why can't I add keywords while in develop. Just because big A is trying to put a workflow on me?

Softproofing? Better DAM (Events/Projects)? GPS support? Color Channel Curves? Stacking in Collections? Non-Lame Video Support? Etc.

The answer to these issues could be Aperture.

I'm doing that right now. It looks really great. What bugs me is the performance of Aperture. Even with 3.0.2 it is unaceptable slow on my MacBook 17" - while the LR3 Beta (!) is snappy.

I'm also missing Lightrooms Metadata Brwoser and the handling of the Brushes and the Gradients. A "Portrait Picture Style" would be also great. All I've found weren't that compelling.

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