Best photo hosting site for selling

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Re: Best photo hosting site for selling

If you're not a web developer and you want to focus your efforts on photography and selling/promoting rather than learning a lot of web technologies, the LAST thing you should do is build and maintain your own site from scratch. The facilities built into the Smugmug / Zenfolio type sites will save you a ton of time and give you a lot of features you would never build yourself. Plus, they come with credit card ordering and direct fulfillment from professional labs (customer orders, you get money, prints shipped to customer without you doing anything).

I'm more familiar with Smugmug personally than Zenfolio, but both have free trials so unless one has some particular features over the other that you think you need, you should give them both a try and see what you like. Smugmug just added coupons and packages which gives you a lot more flexibility in how you price, promote and discount to attract business which a lot of pros think is definitely a business booster.

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