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E-3 question

Hello everyone.

I have some intermittent problems with my E-3 and would appreciate any ideas that people might have regarding what to do about it. Perhaps someone has had the same experience and can offer a useful hint.

1) Sometimes, the card will show as being protected (where the shots remaining number is in the lower right corner it will say protect in red). I had someone once tell me that this has to do with my pp software but I am not sure I agree with that. The protected message will appear while I am out using the camera and card. When it comes on, I cannot take more pictures on that card. The card is not full when this happens, and I have not been able to isolate exactly what occurred just before this happens to trigger it. The only solution is to use another card or format the one in the camera. I use CF cards only. And it does it with either the Sandisk extreme III or the Lexar Professional cards

2) Occasionally, when I turn the camera on, and take a picture, it seems to not meter correctly. The first picture will come out very dark, and the histogram will be all the way to the left. Shutter speeds are in the 5k range, and the f stop is where I have it set (say f9 or whatever) or so (unless the light is spectacular, you will get a radically underexposed image at those settings - which is what I am getting.) Subsequent pictures are ok.

3) Again occasionally, when turning off the camera, it won't shut down but will rather stay on with the red light on the back by the card door lever flashing continuously. The screen fades but does not go blank. The only cure is to remove the battery.

4) There is some focus slowdown as a battery starts to lose its charge. I don't mean just during the last couple of photos before the battery dying "red" battery warning light lights up, but about half way through the battery's life cycle.

This is happening with the 50-200 swd lens, and with firmware 1.4 on the E-3.

I cleaned the contacts (very carefully using a new, sharp, clean vinyl eraser and left no debris - I checked) and that seems to clear up the focus problems and now it is back to only struggling with c-af during the final shot or two on a battery. A fresh battery fixes it.

Anyhow, I suspect that there is nothing for it but sending it back to Olympus and seeing what they say. I intend to call them next week and see what they say.

Thanks kindly in advance for your suggestions.

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