Sony A550 II - more examples from a tempted A900 user!

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Sony A550 II - more examples from a tempted A900 user!

First: Using this camera is GREAT FUN! Really refreshing!

Today I got the chance to play more with the A550. First I visited the opening of a local photography exhibition with just the 18-55 mm SAM f:3.5-5.6 kit lens. Later I used the camera with my Sony G 70-400 mm f:4-5.6 lens to photograph moving subjects. First my little "test driver" with her fast bike, then my cat interfered the photoshoot -- luckily! I used auto settings all the day, with ISO set to manual.

Using the A550 indoor felt almost like using a P&S, which is a great complement for a DSLR. Ease of use was outstanding, and interacting with people when shooting with the camera away from my face was very freeing for both the photographer and the photographed! As many has commented on earlier, face detection is for sure not a gimmick.

Using Live mode and viewing the screen outdoor worked very well, and so did tracking my moving targets. I used the 70-200 mm lens wide open to really find out how well the autofocus worked. Also, all AF points where activated. The hit rate was very high, so AF-C seems to work very well.

Also, some sun rays found their way between the clouds, so I got the chance for a short period to look at a sunlit screen when photographing. The image was clearer than expected when directly exposed to the sunlight, but contrast was low. So the screen seems pretty useful also on bright days. Actually, I did not use the OVF once for the whole day.

The downside of borrowing the A550 for another day is that I am even more tempted to get one myself.

Well, the pudding is the proof. Here are some more pictures, all from today:

My cat also wanted to pose. 70-400 mm at 330 mm, f:5.6, 1/2500 sec, ISO 800:

Look up! Here is another cat shoot, with the same camera settings as above:

With the camera away from my face I could communicate with my subjects, which reduces the barrier between the photographer and the photographed. Kit lens at 18 mm, f:4.5, 1/40 sec at ISO 800:

She was bored, and did not even notice that I was photographing her with the camera laying on the table. Live view is really nice when shooting children. Same lens and camera settings as above:

This picture was shot with the 70-400 mm lens at the longest end, wide open. Exposure was 1/2500 sec at ISO 800:

No problem tracking her all the way until she was very close to the camera. The A550 AF-C setting works better than I had expected. Same settings as above, except zoomed to 100 mm:

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