Should Sony market a 12mp full frame camera?

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Should Sony market a 12mp full frame camera?

A few people have commented on this forum that, the low light performance of the 24.6 megapixel full frame Sony A900, is not as good as they expected.

So, I’m interested to know whether you think Sony should market a 12 megapixel full frame camera, in direct competition with the 12.1 mp full frame Nikon D3S?

Would you be prepared to “give up” 12.5 mp in order to get the superb low light performance that owners of the Nikon D3S say they enjoy?

A comparison of some of the key specifications of the Sony A900 and the Nikon D3S is made here:

Nikon not only has a 12.1 mp full frame camera (D3S), but also a 24.5 mp full frame camera, the Nikon D3X. The D3X has similar key specifications to the Sony A900.

The above web page demonstrates that the pixel pitch (approx. width of one pixel) of the Nikon D3S is 42.5% greater than that of the Sony A900. In other words, the pixel density of the A900 (in pixels per linear centimetre) is 42.5% greater than that of the D3S.


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