Color Management 101: Part A

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malch wrote:

gollywop wrote:

If you are not shooting jpeg, but shooting Raw, when you bring the Raw data into whatever image converter you are using (ACR, Capture One, CNX, Aperture, etc.), it then converts the data and applies whatever color space you have chosen for the converter (sRGB, Adobe RGB, Beta RGB, PhotoPro RGB, etc.) to the converted file (but leaves the Raw data unchanged).

I think it's worth saying...

Although the RAW data contains Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) channel data, the RAW data is not in the sRGB color space (or any other color space for that matter). It's just RAW data. When converted to a TIFF, JPEG or whatever in the camera or computer, it will be assigned to the color space that you choose from the available options.

Yes, and to be even more accurate, the Raw data do not contain Red, Green, and Blue channel data; there are no channel data at this stage. Rather, each Raw pixel (or, better, each Raw photosite) contains only Red, or only Green, or only Blue data. It is not until these data are demosiced, either in the camera or in the image processor, that these separate pieces of R and G and B information are put together to infer RGB triples for each pixel -- one pixel for each photosite -- at which point the R part of the RGB triple becomes the red channel data, the G the green channel, and the B the blue.

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