50-200mm SWD Finally! Learning curve commence!

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Re: Lose the tripod mount

Chris_in_Osaka wrote:

I use mine for candid street (actually...park more than street) photos. The reach is incredible for the size and weight when you get rid of the tripod mount .

Unless you regularly use a tripod, there is no reason to keep it on and add weight to you set up. You can always stick it back on when you need it. Personally, since I removed mine a few years ago (when I was still using an E-1 and E-300), I've never had to put it back on for what I use it for.

Every little bit of weight counts. The tripod mount is a bit in the way in the bag too. But mine stays on as I often use it as a handhold which wont change FL or focus to help point and steady the system. Also, I do put it on a tripod once in a while.

Gotta admit that for many shots though it's not necessary IF u have one of the cameras with built-in IS. My shot above goes a long way to prove that. I was frankly very pleasantly surprised that I was able to get that hand held, being a survivor of non-IS SLR macro shooting which required a tripod everytime. This shot, OTOH, is a 400mm equivalent focal length at pretty near minimum focus. Amazing that can be done hand held.

Again, best to ya.

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