Canon Field Reviews guy switched to Nikon

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Re: Canon Field Reviews guy switched to Nikon

You know, you are right that we shouldn't be giving this guy such a hard time about the choices he makes, when it is personal . He published a web site called "Canon Field Review" choosing personally to make himself a public figure. He extolled the virtues of the Canon equipment used in extreme, harsh conditions. He provided both photographic and written web publications for the entire world to read, illustrating the conditions he put the equipment under. He published photographs of himself using the equipment in an obvious promotional manner. Canon, by either deliberate inaction or perhaps by agreement, permitted him to use their trademark name without lawsuit. In doing so, and by stating that it was not an official Canon web site, his primary intent of his website was clear, to use the official Canon trademark for his benefit;
-to be able to promote his book publications
-to provide product credibility through review of Canon equipment
-to provide professional photographer credibility through internet publication
-to obtain Canon photographic equipment in a preferential way
-to promote photo-adventure tours

The choice was his to make and he made it. He chose to create and web-publish articles to be read by the entire world about using a specific photographic manufacturers' equipment. This was not a personal, non-of-your-business web site. The Canon Field Review website, was there to promote himself in a commercial nature. This may be why a sudden about-face towards promoting Canon equipment would generate a lot of interest. This was not a "just a person switched" situation.

rajendrahash wrote:

Hi Guys,

Just a person switched, you're talking about the credibility etc., while he was doing Canon reviews why no one questioned this? Why no one questioned that whether he has been paid and supplied with Canon equipment and campaign for Canon?

The decision is his personal one, till now he has done reviews and posted photos from Canon. It's a great work and share. One should appreciate his work so far with Canon. Don't try to question one's credibility etc. without knowing the person personally.

All the posts I see here are so personal and trying to tarnish the image of OJL. Please give this a break. No one has any say in one's personal decisions. Just please don't throw BS around here.

I look for good photo techniques and good work of all great people. I neither support Canon / Nikon / any other brand. What matters is great photos and techniques of people.

Please give this a break and only appreciate good work.


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