What has happened to Canon's Quality Control ?

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What has happened to Canon's Quality Control ?

Has Canon gotten to big ? It appears that just about every SLR that is newly introduced and distributed by Canon has had issues . I am referring to internal parts being replaced and malfunctioning not firmware fixes and adjustments.

My original 5D brand new straight from the box had black particles debris inside the camera , visible in both images and in the viewfinder. Sent to Canon twice to be thoroughly cleaned , eventually was resolved.

My 5D Mark II has gone in for service twice , no sound twice , eventually one of the circuit boards was replaced all under warranty.

My 7D has gone in twice once to change the entire sensor assembly to resolve the focusing issue with this camera and the second time to replace the sensor again along with two circuit boards to resolve vertical banding visible at higher ISO's.

It appears to me from my own experience that Canon's camera's are coming off the assembly line too quickly. The end product is being mass produced and rushed out the door without being properly checked and tested.

What has happened to the quality control that we all know the Japanese are capable of producing ? It appears that the almighty dollar has taken precedence over the quality and the end product being produced.

Who suffers we the consumers , I can't speak on behalf of Nikon cameras and other camera manufactures, but I wonder if Nikon camera owners are experiencing the same quality control issues as Canon.

I recently has a conversation with a professional wedding photographer who prefers Nikon camera's and lenses over Canon simply because Canon is too big. Because of Nikon's smaller size he feels that they have more control over their end product and would ultimately be able to provide better service if needed. Are Nikon products coming off their assembly line with out any issues ?

Have other Canon owners experienced the same with their Canon equipment ?

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