Quick question about the PockedWizard MiniTT1

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Re: Quick question about the PockedWizard MiniTT1

The function is called 'Basic Trigger Mode'. Where you can 'just' buy a new TT5 to sync strobes from a TT1, in order to sync existing PW's you need to set this 'Basic Trigger Mode' on the TT1. I'm not 100% certain about this - you will have to read into it further..

This from the PW website:


You REALLY need to read carefully about these things before jumping in...

New Features Available via the PocketWizard Utility

Basic Trigger Mode - Found under Misc Tab

Allows the MiniTT1 or FlexTT5 to operate as a basic PocketWizard radio slave on any camera it will fit, including cameras other than the Canon models the radio is designed for. This mode only uses the center hot shoe contact for sync input. It does not use any of the E-TTL II communication pins.

Caution! If you are using a compatible Canon camera it is highly recommended that you do not enable this option.

Due to the Canon-specific layout of the pins on the bottom shoe, the MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 are not guaranteed to slide onto every camera’s hot shoe. Do not force the units onto your camera. Slide gently.


You could use a TT1 on camera hotshoe and 580EX commander for your ETTL requirements, AND THEN sync another PW transmitter by using your PC socket to synch your other PWII's and whatever they need to be connected to. Simple. (but getting bulky).

If PW know this to be the case.. why don't they just state it rather than string people along?

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