Astonishing negativity to Noktor 50mm f0.95...

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Re: A $200 Noktor competitor?

NO, this is not for pro-video.

Cine lenses have to have no aberrations, excellent contrast and color correction. Noktor is not one of those lenses. (shoot with Switar or Cooke and you'll know what I mean)

This lens will be good for mounting it on little surveillance camera above your front entrance with lantern just behind it , so you can monitor night time activity on your 430-line CCTV screen.

cameron2 wrote:

The GH1 is being evaluated for pro video use, e.g. shooting movies. For this, it needs good (and very fast) MF lenses. If for no other niche, the Noktor will be very popular for this use case. I am guessing that the GH series (and the latest Canon DSLRs) will become the poor man's RED.

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