How wide is the Panasonic 14-140?

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Guy Parsons
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Bokeh lesson

Dario D wrote:

Okay, thanks.

So, as I understand it, the 14-140 is the same as my Nikon 18-200 VR. (which is the 35mm equivalent of 27-300mm) Just less Bokeh, since the lens is smaller... (or is it?)

I need to butt in and point out that there is no such thing as "less Bokeh", there is only good, bad and indifferent Bokeh.

I suspect what you meant to say is "more depth of field" with the M4/3 and 4/3 lenses due to to smaller sensor and shorter focal length for the same frame content.

For me 4/3 works well because the depth of field is a bit larger than 35mm film has. I used to get annoyed by the sometimes too shallow depth of field of traditional 35mm film. But others of course want super shallow depth of field and that can be done with 4/3 by zooming a bit more and maybe stepping back a bit more to get the desired framing.

A good depth of field calculator is here to fiddle with, you need to plug in the actual lens focal lengths and not the 35mm film equivalents.

Back to Bokeh, here's one page of Ken Rockwell's that is 100% correct, it explains Bokeh very nicely.

And a more technical blurb by Harold Merklinger...

Regards............... Guy

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