Best SDHC media for SX20IS HD Video?

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Re: Best SDHC media for SX20IS HD Video?

Lorac2 wrote:

If I get the SX20IS I'll be shooting 20-30 minute clips (Band/orchestra concerts) and need to know what the largest GB SDHC is that is compatible with the SX20IS. Also, for those of you who have done longer high-def video, is there an absolute limit on the file size or is it limited only by the size of the media? For example, I noticed with my older S3IS that I could write 11 min of video if there was no sound (outdoor) and only 9 min of video if there was lots of sound (band concert) even if the media allowed for much more. It was a file size limitation of some sort.

Well the limits for HD video in a single clip on the SX20is is 29 minutes and 59 seconds or 4GB which ever comes first. If you use the VGA resolution for video, the single clip limit is 1 hour or 4GB. In either case, given the compression ratios used, you are more likely to hit the 4GB limit before the time limits anyway. 4 GB will probably give you about 20 minutes of HD or 45 minutes at VGA.

That said, if you don't need a single clip (for example if you could start a new clip between songs/numbers) then you can fill the entire card if you want to.

As for the largest card, the SX20is fully supports SDHC so it should support up to 32GB cards (the largest capacity cards for SDHC) which you could easily fit over 2 hours of HD video on (using multiple clips). However, 32GB cards are expensive - 16GB would probably be a better fit.


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