Best first lens for 7D?

Started Mar 23, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: Best first lens for 7D?

I originally bought the 7D with the EF-S 18-55. My first 7D had focusing issues so I sent both of them back and got a 24-105L, which I am very happy with. I had both lenses for a couple days and the 24-105 consistently focused better and was smoother operating, it also was better built.

I then later bought a Sigma 50 mm / f1.4, as the the 24-105 was only f4 and I really wanted better performance indoors in available light.

I think if you only have 1 lens, you need to have some zoom. The 105 is good for most everything except when I was doing some birds, I wish I had more reach.

I'm probably going to break down and get the 70-200/f2.8 II with a 2X converter (maybe 1.4) and that will fill out most everything I need, possibly I would get a an ultra wide at some point.

Lenses have a longer lasting resale value, and the optics technology doesn't advance at the blistering rate that camera technology does, so it makes sense to invest in good glass IMO.

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