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Proparoo Senior Member • Posts: 1,129
DSLR owner too...

Great review..

I too have way too much into DSLR (but not quite $45,000)

I got the Canon G11 for Christmas and found it to be just an OK camera with pretty crappy low light ability. OK, sure I can shoot my D700 at ISO 12,800 but I was never expecting that much from the G11 and to tell you the truth, I just did not find it to be a great camera plus it was really big, too big in fact so I returned it.

So if I am going to get a P&S I want it to be small and have all the bells and whistles. I plan to use it only in Dumb Dumb modes and will be happy with just OK snap shots / on the go...

I think this camera will be the right choice... and the photo results look pretty good so far. Love the video and ultra zoom (25-250)

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