5D Mark II's AF quick, precise enough to capture young children? 7D better?

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Re: samples of 5D MKII AF capability

Great samples of what the 5DMKII can achieve.

While some criticize the AF performance a little patience and skill can produce stunning results.

Patience and skill were mandatory when using film cameras. Many digital age users/posters now expect too much and are too quick to criticize the equipment they use when they seek an excuse.

The 5DMKII is not really an action camera but that doesn't mean you can't take action photos with it. Same as the 1D crop series aren't the ideal portrait/wedding cameras but you can still use them for that.


Arash Hazeghi wrote:

If you know what are doing 5D MKII can produce images like these, kids certainly don't fly.

For best results use center sensor with CF-III-7 set 1.

Good luck

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