I had a little play with Canon 40 & 50D.........

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The problem with nikon these days..

Fletch147 wrote:

I was in my local Jessops yesterday and saw they had a Canon 40d & 50d sat on the counter....

I asked if i could have a little play, I actually REALLY like the canons ergonomics!!!

I inserted one of my cards and took a few snaps.

As a D300 owner i was not expecting this. All these Canon / Nikon debates are simply ridiculous..

The canon seem to give much higher value for money. You are right that both systems gives great IQ, so for that reason alone the canon is much much higher value for money.

Now the new 7D seems to be awesome, it seems to be really a jack of all trades in the crop world. Nothing it cant do great. I think the problem with nikon is that they rest far to long on the laurels, some things havent been adressed for years.

A D300 succesor is LONG overdue. Look at the 80-400 issue that replacement is LONG overdue as well.

They had that great year or two where they caught up and in some cases superseeded canon, then they have rested ever since.

Now the D300 while being great just isnt leader of the pack, the 7D is by far a more interesting cam in that segment. Nikon needs to be competetive again.

Best wishes


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