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bugzie wrote:

Not one jot of difference. There's a lot of "white noise" in this thread trying to distract from the fact that there is absolutely no difference but some people can't quite face up to it... because Manual, to them, simply must be better.

But the camera is still in control because it's judging the exposure and you're relying on its judgment. Whether you spin just the aperture dial or the aperture dial and the shutter dial till the meter registers "0", the camera's calling the shots. You're just spinning an extra dial for the same result.

Many photographers will choose Aperture Priority a lot of the time to save spinning a dial and reserve Manual for those particular times when it comes in darned handy. Such as when you are using flash and want to control the balance of ambient light and flash. Or when you don't want to use the camera's metering at all and want to use a hand-held meter.

No one with half a brain will say you should use Manual all the time because it's inherently better and you always have more control. I could use Program mode and have much more control than a n00b using Manual mode. The n00b would just spin the dials so it registers "0" but I might use Program Shift and get to the same place -- aperture and shutter speed -- much faster. And then I might change my metering mode or use some exposure compensation to allow for unusual lighting conditions. I'd be using more of my brain in Program than that n00b in Manual.

Anybody who says you need to use a particular mode all the time is deeply suspect. Old timers who learned, like me, on all-manual cameras just choose the mode they think will do the specific job most efficiently. The point is to learn how each mode is a means to the same end -- and what suits when.

And the point is to learn that spinning two dials to change shutter and aperture so the light meter hits the "0" is going to get you the same place as just spinning the aperture dial and letting the camera find the shutterspeed. When you get to that place and you say, hey what am I achieving here... the answer is nothing. Congratulations this has actually dawned on you!

You don't learn to use Manual because it's a better mode and you should use it all the time but as a means to eventually understanding exposure and how the camera works and all the means you have of controlling it.

110% correct . Cannot say it any better .

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