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Ever Been Contacted by Homeland Security about Pictures?

This past summer I had a strange event occur. I live near Detroit and take a lot of pictures in the city, in some pretty bad areas. During the summer I was shooting in a mostly abandoned warehouse area in the late morning, capturing a cluster of wireless telephone polls. It happened to be down the street from a small neighborhood power station. Apparently some utility worker needing some brownie points took down my plates and sent them off to the Detroit Police. The next week, while I was out shooting in another area of the city, a Detroit cop drove out to my home in a squad car, beat on the door, and then called and left me a message to call.

I had been reported. Suspicious activity. I agree, the devastated area of Detroit is an area that would likely be under attack to bring my country down to its knees. Yeah, right. Things are horrible in Detroit. It's very depressing. I will add though that Detroit sits right next to Canada, and that we have a very large Arab population, though I never really hear of any problems.

Anyway, I called the cop and he grilled me for a good twenty minutes. What was I doing down there...WHY was I taking pictures, what was I going to do with them, WHY was I taking pictures, etc. I kept asking him if I did something illegal and he didn't respond. Intimidation.

Finally we parted ways. A few hours later I got a second call, this time he wanted much more personal information...where I grew up (Detroit, it's MY city), where I went to school, do I work, do I live alone, why was I taking pictures...and oh yeah, he wanted copies of them.

So no doubt I am on some government watch lists now, in America, the land of the free, and the home of the brave. You might think it's no big deal, but it could be. These days I'm guilty of whatever until proven innocent.

I wasn't contacted by Homeland Security, but I'm sure the cop wasn't playing with his pencil while I answered his questions, and I can't believe he was filling out a police report because I was doing nothing wrong, nothing that should appear on a police record. I have heard that taking pictures in public, even sitting and drawing, is now under those new laws, considered 'suspicious.' Why aren't I out making money, or looking for a job, or rooting for my local sports teams?
Curious...anybody else have encounters like this?

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