New ZS3 - Behind Home Plate, Help Needed

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Re: New ZS3 - Behind Home Plate, Help Needed

Set the camera in Prog auto mode and go into the quick menu and set the autofocus to "spot" which is the single smallest square. This may allow you to focus through whatever gaps there are. Worth a try anyway.

There is also the following way to lock focus that I copied from another post someone else made a while back but haven't actually tried myself so I can't vouch for the accuracy of the following info:

"How to lock autofocus on ZS3:
0. Zoom between 25 to 35 equiv.
1. Select SCN Underwater.
2. Focus, half shutter, some object at 2m, 6feet.
3. Press left cursor button.

4. AF-L (AF Lock) appears, you are on hyperfocal: anything between 1m ( 3feet), and infinity will be in focus.

You can do repeated shots without the shutter lag of the auto-focusing, the AF-L is maintained till you zoom or exit REC.

You can also use the lag-less AF-L to shoot subjects kept at a reasonably constant distance.

CONS: ISO is fixed at iISO400 . . ."


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