S9000 banding solution?

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S9000 banding solution?
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Here is a story of something that is working very well for me:

When I first got my Canon S9000 the prints were terrific. There was no microbanding and I was a happy camper. I was using OEM ink at the time.

I print pretty heavily, and after time and with the constant suggestions of microbanding, I started to see the banding on my Canon. I did everything I could think of to get rid of it but it was getting more and more obvious.

I called Canon and they suggested I take it to a Canon Authorized service rep here in Miami. I put up a fuss because the place isn't very close and it would require at least a minimum of 4 trips. I told them I just wanted the print head exchanged. They finally sent me a new one.

I put in the new print head, prints came out clear as crystal again. Because am changing ink carts maybe 3 times a day sometimes, I installed Weink Camel ink system. Still prints came out flawless and colors of prints matched the previous prints spot on. I am very happy with the Weink system and see no difference from it and the original Canon inks. I am convinced it was a great move.

Meanwhile, I remember reading 2 times about washing the print head under running water to clean it out. Once from a Canon tech who suggested it, then from a fellow member here. You run warm water on the inside of the print head for 5 minutes. I decided to try that since I had the first print head still here. I pu the head in the sink and ran water through it. When I picked it up ink still poured out. So I ran water through it at a little faster rate for about 20 minutes then reversed it and ran water through it coming in the print head side and it was then clear. After a thorough washing I let it dry a full 24and then wanted to see if it did anything good. I put the bad print head back into the machine.

Perfect prints. No banding, looked like the machine was brand spanking new and printing flawlessly just like it did with both the Weink and Canon OEM ink.

I put the new head back in as Canon was expecting the old head back. I continued to print for a month and a half and all of a sudden I am getting the banding again.

I was going to call Canon again, then remembered the effect of washing. Does this head get dirty I thought??

I took out the head late at night, washed it in both directions for about 30 minutes under slow running warm water. This time I turned it and angled it and worked it. I left it to dry untill the next evening for a full 24 hours. I put in my head and the prints were perfect again.

I am concluding that something is collecting dirt somewhere. Either the place the ink goes into the heads, or at the microscreen of the heads themselves and this head mechanism needs to be cleaned occassionally. This happened with both inks, Canon and Weink, so I cannot blame one or the other.

I have just completed doing this a third time last night (including the very first test). Each time the prints return to their prestine quality state.

A word of warning. obviously you need to be extreme about not allowing the head get touched or banged. I found I don't have to treat it like a live bomb ready to explode, but obviously you can't touch, dent or damage the print head part. When running the water through it I set the head loosley in the cover irt came in to avoid the sink from banging or touching the metal head. I also ran wter through the head in reverse directly coming down on the print head from the spicket half the time.

I don't know if this is unique to me, but I thought I would share it anyway to see if it might help someone. Maybe this print head needs cleaning after a certain duty cycle?


PS Since I started to wash my head, I am now using the top of a marker pen that is pretty flat and rounded to push down on the spring loaded rubber that seals the ink carts. When I push down gently, tons of ink runs out from inside the head cleaning it up much more thorough and quicker. I still run the water in both directions.

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