Eye damage from sun in viewfinder accidentally?

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Re: Eye damage from sun in viewfinder accidentally?

FIRST, if you had any damage you would know it by now. SO, you are ok.
My advice, be more cautious in the future.
I give you two examples of things to stay away from.

A "better beamer" (flash extender) just pointed at the sun will start a fire on your flash attachement. Rather startling when it happens.

A welder flips his helmet down as he strikes an arc, sometimes he strikes the arc before the helmet comes down. If he does that enough he will lose vision in the center of his eye.
Be careful.

rich66 wrote:

Hi all

I was on a train yesterday going through the mountains in Switzerland and while I was waiting for the right moment to take a photo I saw the sun come into view in the viewfinder (the train turned a corner). My natural reaction seemed to be to look at the sun and then move my eye away from the camera as soon as I could (perhaps after 0.75 seconds). Should I be worried about eye damage?

This was just before 5pm but the sun was still quite high in the sky. My 18-55mm lens on a Nikon D40 was set to 24mm and I had no filters on the lens. The sun didn't seem too bright in the viewfinder and I noticed no after effects at the time or in the 29 hours since. The train window was closed and I was wearing prescription (clear) glasses (supposedly with 99% UV protection).

I would appreciate any opinions. I normally try to avoid the sun at all costs so I am annoyed that this happened. I understand that brief glances at the sun with the naked eye should be OK although not something to make a habit of, but I was wondering about the fact that the viewfinder of a camera would concentrate the sun's rays onto a small area.

Thanks in advance!

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