About shutter noise vs speed

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About shutter noise vs speed

The thread Kirk Tuck started filled up, but there was a point raised that I think warrants some valid consideration.

The following was said:

"In the first after the op post you asked if most people would choose to have 1/8000th of sec over a quieter camera, and the answer is yes. Because there are simply more photographers who need fast and more able cameras then those who shoot at acoustic concerts. Kinda almost obvious, is not it?"

Actually, it's not at all obvious to anyone who has experience in photography. First of all, very few photos are taken at 1/8000. I used 35mm cameras that had that top speed for years and the occasions I needed (and could use it), even when shooting action, were quite rare. If you check EXIF data on many sports and wildlife photos you will find 1/8000 showing up very rarely and then only in situations of extremely fast action running parallel to the sensor plane (which is the time when that much speed is most needed.

On the other hand, the venues in which a quiet shutter is frequently preferred to high speed are:

Motion picture set photography
Many street situations
Certain portrait situations

Or any other time when the CLACK Bzzzz of the typical dslr will disturb the subject or others in the area.

This is why certain photographers have preferred Leica M series, and other rangefinders, for many years.

So folks, perhaps before attempting to place a priority on a certain feature of a camera, it's best to do so from the perspective of what historically and currently has been a priority among photographers.

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Some people operate cameras. Others use them to create images. There is a difference.



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