Eye damage from sun in viewfinder accidentally?

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Re: Getting back to the original statement...

Daniel Lee Taylor wrote:

Graystar wrote:

VO2Max wrote:

Do not try this with and astronomical telescope though, you'll fry your eye!!!

From the stories I've read, you'll notice smoke rising from your telescope before you ever get that far!

This is false. You can destroy your retina with brief exposure to the sun through a telescope or through binoculars.

By "before you ever get that far" I meant before you ever get to look through the telescope.

It is my understanding that looking directly at the Sun is not enough to cause damage to your eyes.

It most certainly is, even with the unaided eye. That's why it's painful to look at the sun, so that you stop before your retina is damaged.

This page has a good explanation...


So the sun can damage your eyes...but it takes more than just a quick look. You need 30 seconds of looking directly at the full sun to cause damage, and it will be due to chemical reactions, not burning...which is what i said.


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