Eye damage from sun in viewfinder accidentally?

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Seriously off topic

Laurie Strachan wrote:

Berghof wrote:

don't worry,the creator had surely in mind these types of moments when you unintentionally look directly into the sunshine and surely he design the eye to deal with such a brief eye to sun contact,it's just like falling into very cold water,if you get out quickly enough, no harm is done
Berghof G.C.

What do you suppose "the creator" had in mind when he allowed hundreds of thousands of people to be caught "unintentionally" in an earthquake and crushed to death?

If you seriously want to know, research and study the problem of evil. Every major religion addresses it, although they obviously have different ideas. (Note that I'm not saying the people who died were evil. The "problem of evil" is a study of why bad things happen in the world if the world was indeed created by God, ranging from evil acts to people dying in accidents.)

If you're not serious and were just hoping to attack the Berghof's beliefs, quit. I'm sure the forum doesn't need that BS any more than it needs someone attacking a person who makes the comment "evolution by natural selection made your eye resiliant."

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