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Re: Vulnerable - but how vulnerable(?)

I've had to clean up malware on many a friends' machine. Heck, within the past few months alone, I've hit sites that had the fake anti-virus popups start running before I even clicked on anything, just by visiting a site. Many are triggered by mouse overs without clicking on anything, too.

I've even grabbed a few screen captures of them from time to time, because I thought it was funny (since I was running under Linux at the time and there was no way it was finding "real" malware on my PC, identifying Windows problems at the time.

Some of it is really interesting, in that I've seen it take over a browser in a way that you couldn't easily exit or shut it down, even under Linux (just taking advantage of javascript vulnerabilities eating up all of the PCs resources to try and cause buffer overflows to exploit weaknesses). If you tried to click on anything to close it, sorry, didn't work.

Just today, I hit a site that I was warned about by finjin (a browser plugin designed to analyze web page behavior) as containing malicious code, just by clicking a news article from the a list of news articles on one of the topics I was reading about at google news.

If you look at some of the security related sites, you'll see new vulnerabilities every day in a lot of different products (Flash, browsers, office products, etc.). Most never make the news headlines.

IOW, I'd be careful. Most users that have malware are probably not even aware of it (since you don't always have blatant problems with screens popping up, etc.), and if rootkits get installed, many malware detection products are not goign to realize they're there unless you boot into a known clean operating system to scan the drive containing the effected OS. That's one reason I scan my Windows partitions from within Linux on a regular basis, even though I use multiple products for protection inside of Windows, too.

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