settings for indoor horseriders

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Re: settings for indoor horseriders

The reason your initial photos turned out too dark is the prime reason why sports shooters don't use shutter priority. You chose a shutter speed and ISO that could not get a correct exposure given the widest aperture of your lens. It's likely you needed ISO 3200 or more to get that shutter speed. That's the biggest danger with shutter priority - getting underexposed images.

Switching to aperture priority fixed your exposure issues - the camera was now able to expose properly. Unfortunately it chose a shutter speed that was too low to freeze motion.

It's very likely you needed ISO 3200-6400 f2.8 to get 1/400ish shutter speeds. Tough to tell - If you mentioned what shutter speed the camera was using in aperture I missed it.

I would suggest using an f2.0 lens so you can get your shutter speeds down. The extra DOF of the 4/3 sensor (over the larger sensors in other brands) is a bonus in this case.

Again, tough to give specific advice without seeing photos and the exposure values from your aperture priority shots.

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