First GH1 photos - flowers

Started Mar 21, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: First GH1 photos - flowers

Thanks all. I'm looking forward to learning the ins and outs of the camera, but so far it has been quite easy for me to pick up and use. That was one of my motivations over the Olympus in the end - the Panasonic usability just clicked with how my brain works better than the Olympus. I know others have the opposite experience, which is what makes it great that there are two really good camera brands in this format.

This is my first camera with RAW (unless you count film as RAW), so my next big task is really getting a handle on RAW processing workflow. I have Lightroom 3 beta installed and like it in general, but I'm also playing with SilkyPix and Picasa. Unfortunately, I think I'll need to replace my five year old computer before doing much. Lightroom is pretty slow. Picasa is much faster dealing with the RAW files, but has a lot fewer options for processing.

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