60d AWOL?

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Canon has basically stated the xxD line will continue.

Andreas Helke wrote:

I expected a 60D last august or january and did not get it. But probably its reaonable to wait for next august before declaring the 60D missing.

For a long time Canon introduced a xxD modell every 18 months. Only the 50D came 6 months early and it looks like the 60D will compensate for this by being 6 months late. I now expect the 60D 36 monts after the 40D in august 2010.

Canon needs a Camera at the xxD price point. Currently this is the 50D. But the Camera shows its age with a sensor that is unable to produce usable images at ISO 12800 and it looks like its the last Canon camera without a video mode.

I don't follow this closely enough to see if similar info has appeared anywhere else. But the April edition of Asahi Camera (one of the major monthly camera magazines in Japan) has a brief interview with Canon at the end of the magazine's extensive 7D review. Unfortunately the Canon representative is anonymous.

The most interesting question was "You have been releasing 2-digit xxD cameras like the 50D every year, but there was nothing last year. Please tell us your future plans". Canon responds basically that the 7D is unequivocally a different rank camera, occupying a position in the lineup one level above the 50D. They will continue selling the 50D in parallel with the 7D. Canon said they could not answer questions about future development in the xxD line.

So I think anybody who thinks the 7D represents the end of the xxD series can put that thought to rest. Whether the next xxD model is called the 60D or not, and when it will be announced, is still a secret, but clearly Canon does not think of the 7D as a 50D replacement in any sense.

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