HX5: AVCHD versus MP4 video

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Stephen McDonald
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Re: MP4 720p.

I can only remark about the HX1, regarding which frame size and format works best for HD video. I have found that invariably, the 720p mode from that model, looks sharper than the 1080p mode. Even when the 720p frame is expanded to the full 1080 screen size, it looks sharper than a 1080p recording.

A professional video shooter and writer on another forum, who tested the HX1, suggested that the reason might be the anti-aliasing filter. This filter removes the frequencies coming from the camera, that are above and below those that can be used by the encoder. If the filter is optimized for the 720p mode, more than for the 1080p mode, this might cause a loss of sharpness and resolution in the latter mode.

I don't know whether the HX5V and other new models that use both AVC and AVCHD, have this same problem. I don't know for sure, if it really has anything to do with the anti-aliasing filter in the HX1. I'd recommend trying the 720p mode for both videos and still-captures on the new models and make some comparisons.

Tom Hoots wrote:

cboy7 wrote:

i put mine to 1440x1080 mp4 and think i will just leave it like that

I pretty quickly settled on 1280 x 720 MP4 -- it looks great on the computer, it's a more "traditional" HD size, and I'm entirely happy with the image quality. Works for me!

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