Full Frame or Not???

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Full Frame or Not???

Hi All,

I'm still pondering if I should make the move to full frame. I'm having a hard time focusing on the key issues involved in this decision. If I could get some opinions on the following questions it might help:

  • What type of photographers use FF? What do they shoot mostly?

  • What are the primary pros and cons of FF?

  • What are the primary pros and cons of using an APS-C camera?

My estimated shooting preferences follow:

  • Family activities of all types (parties and kiddie activities like sports etc - flash frenquently used for indoor parties etc) - 20%

  • Macro pics of small things - mostly flowers and the like - 25%

  • Day trips by myself or with a photo buddy (mostly outdoors including wildlife) - 30%

  • Vacations where travel is involved (I like to travel light but IQ is still important) - 20%

  • Misc pics of opportunity mostly taken with my S90 (I keep the S90 with me at all times) - 5%

I thought I would keep my A550, Tamron 17-50 f2.8, and 55-200 SAM for use when I want to go light.

If I go FF, I'd probably also get the CZ24-70. Otherwise, I already have a nice selection of lenses that are suitable for FF. If I don't go FF, I'll probably get the A700 replacement when it comes out.

IQ is very important to me - I plan to start making larger prints for myself and family (my family is urging me to make larger prints).

Your thoughts and opinions will be appreciated.
Thanks, Ed
Torrance, CA

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