I got the Holy Grail!

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Re: I got the Holy Grail!

Michael, your rolling country is great for hiking. I visited it - Auckland, Hamilton, Otago and Waikato - in June 2002 for an assignment. One of the most beautiful places I have seen on our planet. Wanted to go to the south island (which I am told is even more beautiful) but didn't have the time.

MICHAEL_61 wrote:

gurbally wrote:

Great shots. I too have this beauty but use it rarely because of its weight.

  • The total weight of my camera bag with all the gear inside is 30 kg, by the way. But it is orthopaedically comfortable. So after hiking for, like, 5 hours with it and taking photos it doesn't hurt in any particular place more than any other, it hurts uniformly all over, like after a gym


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