possible to record FullHD videoclips on HX5V on SDHC cards?

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shahaba New Member • Posts: 6
possible to record FullHD videoclips on HX5V on SDHC cards?

Hi guys,
I have ordered a HX5V,and a Verbatim SDHC class 6 card,
which should according to their spec. read 20 MBytes/s, write 9 Mbytes/s.

I just downloaded the manual for HX5V which another user had posted on the forum where it says:

For recording movies, it is recommended that
you use a “Memory Stick Duo” media of
1 GB or larger marked with:
– (“Memory Stick PRO
Duo” media)*
– (“Memory Stick PROHG
Duo” media)

  • Only “Memory Stick PRO Duo”

and at the end of the manual.....

3 [AVC HD 17M FH], [AVC HD 9M HQ], [MP4 12M] or [MP4 6M] movies cannot be recorded to internal memory or a “Memory Stick” media other than a “Memory Stick PRO Duo” media, “Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo” media.

At the same time you can see on Sony's website that they are recommending ppl to purchase SDHC class 4 memory cards, but they don't specify wheter if it will be possible to record 1920x1080i on SDHC or not....

Is there anyone out there that is using SDHC class 4/6 for recording 1920x1080i right now that can confirm that it will work?..

thanks in advance
regards shahab

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