Alternatives to 24-105mm on the 5D

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Re: Alternatives to 24-105mm on the 5D

Hello there,

I have owned and thoroughly testing the following lenses:

Tammy 28-75
Canon 28-105mm II
Canon 28-135mm IS
Canon 24-105mm

First of all, on the 5D, all of these lenses are plenty sharp in the middle to center of the lens. I really don't know about the corners wide open as I don't care about corner sharpness wide open.

I will say that my Tammy 28-75mm beat the Canon 24-105mm at 28mm at f/8 and f/11 for landscape shots. They were equally sharp, but the Tammy had NO CA whatsoever and the Canon had just a touch of it. The Canon 28-135mm and 28-105mm both have a bit more CA then the other 2, but nothing crazy, IMO.

For portraits, I found all of these lense to be a lot close in center sharpness than you would think.... on the 5d ..... the 5D seems to equalize lenses of all qualities in center sharpness..... The 24-105 has slightly better colors, but I shoot raw and could easily boost and adjust colors to make them pretty much equal.

The 28-75mm has really good bokeh compared to the 24-105mm and actually when they are both at f/4, the Tammy is more 'open' with a blurrier background then the 24-105mm.

Here are some comp shots I've done of the years:

Canon 24-105mm vs. Tammy 28-75 @28mm landscape - Center (Canon on left)

Canon 24-105mm vs. Tammy 28-75 @28mm landscape - Edge (Canon on left)

Here is a recent shot with my 28-105mm II at 105mm wide open (resized and slightly sharpened).... This is plenty sharp for my needs..... Portrait shots with the 24-105mm and the 28-75 were very similar in quality to this in my experience.


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