Use those neck straps !!!!!!!!!

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be careful with those neck straps!

I saw a guy in Hawaii with a digicam around his neck. He jumped out of the kayak and lost his sunglasses in knee deep water, so bent over to grab them. Can you imagine with happened to the digicam around his neck? If he'd had a hand strap it would have been safe.

A similar thing happen to me in Hanoi. Camera around neck, some slippery stuff on the pavement, down on one knee, camera bounced on the sidewalk because the strap was a little long and I fell forward. Cameras from neck straps can swing, bounce, and hit objects.

Of course, you can always wear it around you neck, and have some guy on a moped grab it, like they do in China. Camera and lens, $2000, neck, priceless.

The full time pro at my work, servicing about 2000 employees full time, does not use a neck strap or a hand grip. We tease him all the time, but he refuses to used one.

I don't think you should be so judgmental about others. You have decided she didn't wear the neck strap because it wasn't fashionable. Maybe she'd be wearing it for 4 hours, had a rash (like I sometimes get) or a sore neck, like others report.

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