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Re: not true, in part because they're tied to sony

I don't think the D400 will use a Sony sensor. At least that seemed to be the way it was last fall, when Thom Hogan said the D400 would come out in 2011. I think that this is a result, not of a unilateral decision by either company, but of the failure of the two companies to come to a mutually acceptible agreement for the extension of their partnership in sensors. In the long run, I think this will be good for both companies (I suspect that the agreement was getting in the way of both), even though it has been and will continue to be initially very painful. And I suspect that this is one of the reasons for the delay in the A7xx, and for the decision by Nikon to introduce a "temporary" update of the D300, the D300s.

If I am correct, what this does for Sony is to allow them to go toe-to-toe against Nikon, and, as a corollary, against Canon as well. So I am hoping the A7xx will be a real competitor with the 7D and the D400, perhaps superior in certain important ways. And I am hoping to see that low-mpx FF Sony that so many have asked for, along with a 35-mpx FF to challenge Canon.
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