Making the rules up as we go along...

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Re: Making the rules up as we go along...

Thanks DjD_a700 - looking back at this again - I think perhaps you are correct - and my humorous take was not what was aimed for with the challenge - they were clearly after a drama shot - and that was not at all stated in the rules. I read the rules as a man, woman or a figure - and that seems to be a bad interpretation. Next time I will take more time reading and considering a challenge before shooting / submitting, and will only enter if I think my shot fits the intentions of the host.

I also accept that its not easy hosting a challenge - and I will not criticise nor try to criticise a host ( at least not until I find the time to host a challenge of my own).

iMaq - I can well understand your frustrations with the traffic challenge - I live in the 4th biggest city in Sweden - and by US standards I should think it counts as a village...

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